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"Sarah McMurrough is exactly what Arlington ISD needs right now. She has the passion, heart, and drive to do what is right for our community. As a recent classroom teacher and current AISD parent, she would bring a fresh perspective to our school board. Sarah shone so brightly in the education field as a teacher while holding many leadership roles. She accomplished so much in and out of the classroom for families, our community, and most importantly, her students. Sarah continues to work in education, which ensures that she is up to date with what is truly happening in classrooms today. Sarah approaches every single task she is given with determination, hard work, and a solution mindset. There is no doubt in my mind that Sarah McMurrough would be such a gift to our Arlington school board."

-Heather Bush, AISD teacher and parent

"Sarah McMurrough has been a blessing to our congregation at Westminster Presbyterian Church, and I know she can bless the City of Arlington as well. With a servant heart, brilliant brain, and teaching experience, she is exactly what the Arlington School Board needs. I know Sarah to be dedicated, determined, creative, and compassionate. Sarah is always willing to go above and beyond to help with church projects, with a great dose of joy! I know I can count on Sarah, and you can too."

-Rev. Kate McGee, Lead Pastor - Westminster Presbyterian Church in Arlington

"Sarah McMurrough would be an excellent member of the AISD school board. She commits her heart and soul into educating students - whether she is serving as a classroom teacher, presenter at teacher workshops, or as an instructional specialist. She has energy, spunk, and passion for bringing the highest level of education to students, and also nurturing those around her to achieve their absolute best. Sarah understands the complexities of balancing the administrative side of education, but always keeps in mind the teachers themselves and the emotional, financial, and physical strain that they endure on a daily basis. Not only would the teachers benefit from her place on the school board, but the students, parents, and the entire district as a whole."

-Libby Broyles, Retired AISD teacher

"Dedicated, smart, young and with “skin in the game”. Sarah and her husband Chris have one child in school and another that will be in a few years. Please join Suzy and me in supporting and voting for her."

-Tom & Suzy Ware, Arlington Residents

"I am beyond excited that Sarah McMurrough is running for the Arlington ISD School Board. Her many years of experience in the classroom, the commitment she has shown to the students and staff in Arlington, her knowledge and expertise in education, among many other qualifications, make her absolutely perfect for this role. She is the best teacher I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and beyond that just an amazing human being. Sarah is not just a voice for the students, parents, and families in our community, she is the perfect voice to represent teachers! In a time with so many unknowns, education is changing so much. One thing I do know is that she has our best interest at heart and will make decisions that better everyone. I am honored to know her and excited to see what she does for our community!"

-Elissa Worster, AISD teacher

"Sarah McMurrough is without doubt the one person I would want fighting for me on our school board. She is deeply invested in AISD and will work for its success. Indeed, she holds a unique perspective as both a parent and an educator. She is working in classrooms in our CURRENT climate, so she know the ins and outs of virtual learning and all that comes with it. In addition, her RECENT experience as a classroom teacher provides invaluable insight as to what we REALLY need. She knows! She's in the trenches with teachers. Furthermore, she is one of the best educators I have ever known. She inspires teachers and students alike to dream, work hard, push themselves, and never give up. I know she'll bring that same determination and excitement to our board. She has my vote and my confidence!"

-Corrine Brookshire, AISD teacher & UEA campus representative

"As a teacher, as a parent, and as a concerned citizen of Arlington, Sarah McMurrough has my vote. Sarah's passion for education is unrivaled. She is an excellent collaborator and colleague. Her accolades and awards as an educator are astounding. Her recent experiences as both an AISD teacher and instructional coach in a rival district put her in a unique position to understand what our district does well, what it lacks, and how it can be made better… for teachers, for families, and most importantly for the children it serves. While I am impressed with her credentials and educational background, I am more impressed by her commitment, empathy, kindness, and strong work ethic. I have no doubt that Sarah McMurrough will work through the details of difficult issues and work tirelessly to make AISD a place to be proud of once more."

-Johanna Baker, AISD teacher and parent

"Why wouldn't I endorse Sarah McMurrough for Place 1 on our AISD school board? As a teacher in AISD we are desperately seeking someone who can be our voice who truly understands our needs not only for us, but for our children in the classroom. Sarah was an AWARE winning teacher in AISD, who dedicated 12 years of her life to helping children inside and outside of the classroom. During her time as a teacher in AISD I got to witness this first hand. She led a club by the name of “Little Ladies” where she empowered young women in 4th-6th grade to be strong, have a voice, and become leaders one day. She was also family engagement representative where she worked many hours to close the gap between family life and school life. She always strives for parents to have a voice and be involved in their child's education. Sarah went far beyond her job as a teacher and I know if elected to the AISD school board that would be no different. We as teachers are in need of someone who understands all that teachers juggle in order to make AISD the very best school. I know that Sarah understands that juggle all to well because she gave her ALL inside and outside of the classroom each and everyday. She only transitioned out of the classroom because she saw a need to support teachers and help them succeed, which is when she left became a ELAR Instructional Coach. Sarah knows what we as teachers need in order to make our jobs easier so that our focus can be on planning less and focusing on CHILDREN more. She has always been one to take risks, listen to her calling, and help her community. Running for the AISD school board is just one more example of that. She wants to be a voice for change, help her community, and make a difference in the lives of the students, teachers, administration, and parents in AISD."

-Lindsey Bautovich, AISD teacher and parent

As an Arlington resident and educator, I can't think of someone better to represent Arlington public schools than Sarah McMurrough. She is a product of AISD, a proud mother of an AISD student and a former AISD teacher. I've had the pleasure of knowing Sarah for 11 years. She was my mentor when I first started as an educator and I've seen firsthand the passion and dedication she has for the Arlington Independent School District. She spent countless hours educating teachers, and using her own resources to pour into our students. She has invested in our teachers, our students, our school and community and I know as a board representative, she will continue to be a leader and an advocate for our students and our school district.

- Nicole Davis, AISD teacher and parent


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